Significance of the Level of Excitation on the Nonlinear Response of Medium and soft Soils(1993)

Yoshihiro Sugimura(Depart of Architecture・Faculty of Engineering)・Madan B.Karkee(GEOTOP)・Koji Sato(Depart of Architecture・Faculty of Engineering)・Xu Ting(Depart of Architecture・Faculty of Engineering)


Nonlinearity due to strong earthquake shaking is a major consideration in the study of local site effect. This aspect of the sitc cffect depcnds on the level of excitation as well as on the soil conditions. In addition the nonlinear response depends on the period and phase contents of the incident motion. In this study, three levels of inciclent excitations, represented by the respective response spectra are utilized to investigate the nonlinear response of mediurn and soft site conditions. The results show that the responsc can be substantially influenced by long perioci components in the incident motion owing to the significant elongation in ground period. The effcct is dominant in medium and soft sites. Various nonlinear ground response characteristics are cliscussed in this context.