Seismic Microzonation Considering Long Components(1995)

M.B.Karkee(GEOTOP)・Y.Sugimura(Tohoku University)

■掲載誌:Third international conference on Recent advances in geotechnical erthquake engineering and soil dynamics, p575

A methodology for characterizing the different levels of incident motion for microzonation is discussed Relatively long period components, which dominate the nonlinear response of soft sites at higher level of excitation are suitably accounted for. Incident motions with the deflned characteristics are generated by' two step iteration scheme. and a seismic microzonation example based on the nonlinear response analysis of a soil profile database system is presented. Effectiveness of a new microzonation parameter, defined as Spectrum Intensity Amplification (SIA), to represent the extent of ground shaking hazard is examined and is found to represent well the damag pattern of wooden houses during a past earthquake.