Considering ground response effects in the seismic design of piles(1998)

Madan B.Karkee(GEO TOP)・Yoshihiro Sugimura(Tohoku University)・Kaoru Fujiwara(Suzuki Architectural Design Office)

■掲載誌:11th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering,p1-14

There have been several instances of damage to piles at deeper part, generally near the soil layer interfaces, during the past earthquakes. Such damages are inherently difficult to detect and repair, mandating adequate provision in the design to make them as unlikely as possible. Nonlinear response analysis of soil-pile-structure system considering a two dimensional FEM model shows distinctly large kinematic response forces near soil layer interfaces, demonstrating the nature of stresses that may develop in piles due to distinct stiffness contrast between soil layers. While such detailed analysis is impractical for general design application, the current practice of designing the pile for a single concentrated load representing the inertia effect of superstructure involves implicit disregard of the kinematic actions due to ground response. A simple approach to account for the ground response effects is proposed and its potential for practical design application is illustrated.