Bearing Mechanisms of nodal piles in sand(1993)

S.Yabuuchi・H.Hirayama(GEO TOP)

■掲載誌:Deep Foundations on Bored and Auger Piles, p333-336

Nodal piles, whose shapes are similar to multi-underreamed piles, are precast piles having multiple nodes or bulbs. Vertical colnpression loading tests for model piles are carried out in order to investigate bearing mechanisms of nodal piles. Model piles tested are nodal piles having different numbers of nodes. Straight-shafted smooth and rough piles and a corrugated pile are also tested for comparison. These piles are set up in a large triaxial chalnber filled with dry sand under nearly ideal non-displacement conditions. It is shown from the test results that shaft resistance of nodal piles in sand is mainly attributed to bearing resistance of nodes, and that nodal piles are more effective than straight-shafted piles with the same outer diameter.