Vertical bearing capacity of bored pre-cast pile with enlarged base considering siameter of the enlarged excavation around pile toe(2007)

K.Kobayashi & H.ogura(Japanpile Corporation)

■掲載紙:Advances in Deep Foundations,p277-283
■発行: 2007

The bearing capacity of a pile with packing material around it was studied by on-site tests with special emphasis on the expandability and consolidating ability of iron and steel slag. Excellent bearing capacity was obtained by using iron and steel slag as the packing material, which was superior to the bearing capacity obtained by the conventional cement milk piling method. Particularly, a significant increase in bearing capacity was obtained with the passage of time, which cannot be obtained by other packing materials. The bearing capacity increased regardless of whether the surrounding ground consisted of sandy soil or clayey soil. This effect was more pronounced in precast concrete nodular piles than in precast concrete straight piles.
 Large skin friction developed at an early stage in wet ground up to the groundwater level.