Dynamic and static horizontal load tests on steel pipe piles and their analyses(JGS2007)

Kitiyodom(Kanazawa Univ.)・Matsumoto(Kanazawa Univ.)・ Tomisawa(C.E.R.I.of Hokkaido) ・Kojima (Japanpile)・& Kumagai(Japanpile)

■掲載誌:WDPF07(International Workshop on Recent Advances of Deep Foundations ), 227-230

In this research, dynamic and static load tests were performed on permanent foundation piles for an abutment of a highway bridge, which had a pile length of 38 m, 800 mm in outer diameter and 9 or 12 mm in wall thickness. The static horizontal load versus horizontal displacement derived from the dynamic load test conformed well to that measured in the conventional static horizontal load test, encouraging the use of dynamic horizontal load testing as an alternative for the conventional static horizontal load testing.