Bearing Mechanisms of multi-node piles(1994)



Mlulti-node piles are piles having multiple nodes or bulbs along their shafts. Vertical compression loading ' tests for model piles are carried out in order to iuvestigate bearing mechanj:sms of multi-node piles. Model piles tested are multi-node piles having different numbers of nodes. Piles with straight-shaft hav'Ing smooth or rough surfaces and a corrugated pile are alsb tested for comparison. These piles are set up in a large triaxial chauber filled with dry sand under nearly ideal non-displacement condltions. It is shown from the test results that shaft resistance of multi-node piles in sand is mainty attributed to beartng resistance of each nodal base and friction resistance of shaft below it where high normal stresses act, and that multi-node piles are more effective than straiglit-shaft piles with the same outer dianeter.