Lateral Resistance of piles in Ground Improved by Compaction Method Using Iron and Steel Slag -An Experimental Study-(2007)

Y.Homma・ K.Tominaga・ O.Nagai

■掲載誌:Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Statellite Conference,p228-235
■発行所:TC4 Commitee,ISSMGE

 In Japan, efficient use and rcycling lf materials from production, distribution, consumption, through to disuposal are actively promoted. Thus, iron and steel slag is recycled in cement, road subbasecourse, ond so on. Slag has hydraulic and expansibe properties, which might be useful in some of its applications. The authors have been researching these applications in pile foundations, and have carried out a series of load tests on full-scale nodular piles in ground improved by compacted slag. This paper presents test results that showed that compacted slag around piles increased their lateral resistance.