Assessment of the quality of soil-cement columns of square and rectangular shapes formed by a Deep Mixing Method(1996)

Teruhiko Mizutani(Daisho-Shinki Co.・Ltd)・Shigeo Kanai(GEOTOP)・Mamoru Fujii(Tokai University)

■掲載誌:Grouting and Deep Mixing,p637-p642

A new deep mixing method developed to form soil-cement columns of a square or a rectangular cross-section, rather than the circvlar one prevalent so far, is described. Such shapes are advantageous in that more uniform soil improvement over wide area can be achieved vertically as well as horizontally. A series of model and field tests were carried out in clayey and sandy soils to investigate the effectiveness of the method. The technique is referred to as RM (Rectangular Mixing) method and its mechanisms found to be very effective as indicated by good quality of improved soil.