Tensile Behavior of Embedded Geomembrane Subjected to Differential Settlement of Base Ground(1998)

S.IMAIZUMI(Usunomiya University )・T.FUTAMI(GEOTOP)・T.NOMOTO(Usunomiya University)

■掲載誌:Thirteenth Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference,p325-p330

 When the base ground underlying geomembrane liner may subside partially by the cause of insufficient compaction around collection pipe for water, the geomembrane is needed to eiongate and induced tensile strain. Some methods ofca]culating nduced elongation and strain were presented, but their useftllness was not proven. In this paper, modeled tests where geomembrane was subjected to differential settlement were conducted under condition that thickness ofprotected layer, confining pressure and rigidity ofgeomembrane are constant, and shape of scttlement and fiictionai property are varied. The measurements such as maxirnum tensile strain, effective range of geometric delbmlalion and elongation were compared to calculations by Trough Model. Both observed and calculated values were very similar trend bctwcen s ettlement and strain/elongation, but Trough Model should be modified so that it considers the effect of a variation of a width of senling part of base.