Loading tests of bored piles inserted nodular and cylindrical piles(1988)

S.Kanai(Takechi Engneering Co) ・S.Yabuuchi(Takechi Engneering Co)

■掲載誌:Deep Foundations on Bored and Auger Piles,p429-434

This report describes the results of comparison loading tests on the bearing capacity of cylindrical and nodular piles. Load tests of piles in the vertical and horizontal in direction were carried out at two locations using cylindrical piles with a smooth surface and nodular piles with nodes at Im intervals,which were set with cement milk injection method. Reinforcing bar stress transducer were attached to each test pile to measure the applied load and bendin9 moment. The results of both tests show that the nodular pile had more favorable bearing capacity. The nodular pile also had a larger ultimate bearinq capacity than the cylindrical pile,showing that skin friction acting on the piles worked effectively.With regard to the horizontal bearing capacity,although the bending ri9idity was different by about two times in both pile types,the horizontal resistance were almost equal.