Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy 1.Create world-class foundations 2.Progress starts at the construction site 3.Our work is our calling and our service to society

Corporate Code of Conduct of Asia Pile Holdings Group

Each company of Asia Pile Holdings Group will

 1. address the improvement of pile foundation technologies to contribute to the development
   of pile foundation construction business in Asia,

 2. respect the autonomous or independent management of such operating companies
   in the area supervised by the operating company, and

 3. respect the cooperation and consistency among each group company and promote
   information sharing with them.

Corporate Behavior Standards of JAPAN PILE CORPORATION

We (officers and employees including those of JAPAN PILE CORPORATION and group companies) will comply with the following matters and conduct business activities.

1. Securing Customer Trust

We will strive to build JAPAN PILE brand as a total foundation construction business to earn customer trust by developing and providing high quality products and performing stable foundation works.

2. Contribution to Society

We will contribute to society at both the community and environmental level as a leading total foundation construction business as well as pursuing profits through the free and fair market competition.

3. Fair Trade and Relationship with Antisocial Forces

We will observe social norms and laws and avoid collusions and trading with antisocial groups.

4. Information Disclosure

We will create ledger sheets under the strict internal control and proactively disclose the contents as financial statements to address information sharing with shareholders and customers.

5. Business Development and Respect for Individuality

We will strive to realize the affluent life of employees through the prosperity of the company with mutual respect for each other’s individualities and personalities.

6. Quality Improvement

We will strive daily to achieve our quality targets, and in the event of an accident or trouble, report it honestly in the spirit of learning from our mistakes toward further quality improvement.

7. Compliance Activities

We will recognize our role of realizing this Corporate Behavior Standards and inform our group companies and clients as well as publicize the concept in the occasion of internal education and training.